Comms Unite | 8 Tips for answering phone calls professionally
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8 Tips for answering phone calls professionally


8 Tips for answering phone calls professionally

14:34 17 July in Blog, Uncategorized

In a world where the number of channels via which customers can reach businesses has proliferated as technology evolves, the phone call still matters. Taking and handling phone calls effectively sits at the heart of customer service for millions of UK businesses, large and small. Here are eight tips on getting call answering right first time.

1. Answering calls quickly

Nothing says unprofessional like leaving a caller hanging on a ringing line. If someone has made the move to call your business over the others listed on Google, reward them by answering quickly

2. Answering with a smile

Whether you are on the phone or face to face to a customer answer with a smile, while talking on the phone. In fact, there is even a term for this when applied to outgoing calls: “Smile and Dial.” Warm and enthusiastic counts every time.

3. Mention the company name

Any greeting should confirm where the caller is ringing so they don’t have to double check. It sets the tone for a professional conversation.

4. Speak clearly and be professional

Avoid using slipshod languages that aren’t appropriate. Keep it friendly but professional. It is ideal for everyone to learn the phonetic alphabet to spell out troublesome words to avoid bad communication.

5. Don’t know the answer? Stay positive

If you don’t know the answer or want to double check remain positive and professional by putting the customer on hold. “Let me find that out and come back to you” is so much better than “I don’t know”

6. Need to call back? Say when

Where possible give the caller an expected idea of a time when they will receive a call back. For example, if a colleague is in a meeting for the afternoon then it maybe be that it will be first thing tomorrow however check to see if someone else can help in the meantime.

7. Manage out of hours calls

Out of hours callers are just as important as these who call within office hours. That means every contact centre needs a professional call answering service in place for out of hours calls. Contact Comms Unite today to set up call answering service for out of hours calls.

 8. On hold marketing

 If you’re looking to increase conversations or spread some news, what better way is there than to voice this though on hold marketing. Here at Comms Unite we can upload any audio file for your hold music.

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