Comms Unite | Why You Should Choose an Independent Business Telephone Services Instead of a Corporate provider
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Why You Should Choose an Independent Business Telephone Services Instead of a Corporate provider

Why you should choice an indpendent businesss

Why You Should Choose an Independent Business Telephone Services Instead of a Corporate provider

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Are you currently considering installing a business phone service for your company? Or upgrading an existing service? There are many options available today, from large national corporations to local service providers. It can be overwhelming to make a choice when there are so many options available. However, as you’re about to learn it’s much better for you to choose a local business telephone service instead of a national one.

Customise A Solution For Your Specific Needs

Following on from the previous point, a large corporation will rarely take the time to customise a solution for your specific needs. In fact, they would see it as a waste of time and an unnecessary business expense to do so.

A local business telephone service will take into account your specific needs and tailor a solution for your business. They’ll check for a raft of things such as your expected call volumes,  what lines are in place, how mobile staff answer calls, hot-desking requirements, if you have more than one office and if your existing telecommunication equipment can work with their phone system.

Better Customer Service

It can be a nightmare dealing with customer service from a national corporation. Calling their Freephone number, only to be answered by a robot. Punching through menu after menu, option after option only to be put on hold. When your call finally gets answered, you get transferred again!

If after all this, you actually speak to a real person, they will often have so little power to make any changes that your time spent on the phone will feel like it was wasted.

Avoid having to deal with such terrible customer service by working with a local business telephone service. With a local service, all the employees are directly connected to the owner, so it won’t take long to get a problem resolved. This means all your enquiries will be taken seriously, and you won’t be passed around endlessly to different departments without a resolution to your problem.

Get Problems Fixed Right Away

Having your business telephone service running smoothly is vital for keeping your business running. You could lose customer orders and sales if your phone system goes down.

So, if your phone service is interrupted, you want to be able to get help quickly so that it can be back online as soon as possible.

Getting a large national corporation to act quickly to resolve your problems can become a disaster zone. There has been a publicised incident where a customer has spent over 6 weeks trying to get a problem resolved with a national phone service, and it took him going to their head office to get the problem fixed. Can you afford to have this happen with your business?

Working with a local phone service ensures your problems are taken seriously immediately. You won’t have to go to a head office to get a problem resolved since they are already local to your area.

As you can see, there are many more benefits to choosing a local provider than just the convenience of location. You will get better customer service, personalised service and your problems will get resolved right away. Consider working with a local business telephone company when choosing your business phone service.

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