Comms Unite | Employees are a Great Source of Customer Information
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Employees are a Great Source of Customer Information

Employees are a great sourse of customer informtion

Employees are a Great Source of Customer Information

13:29 10 August in Blog, Uncategorized

Not only are many employees experts on both customers and the company’s operations, but listening to them and acting on their feedback improves employee morale, and so with it employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Asking employees for customer intel has – rather predictably – come to be know as a “voice of employee” program. They complement voice of customer programs in two ways.

  1. Customer context, solution-oriented: Employees have a unique perspective on the company – given they work in it – and the customer knowledge to help their company develop better answers to relevant customer issues. Their day-in, day out exposure to customers through countless interactions via marketing, sales, product development, and customer service gives them context about vital ways customers engage with a company, and the end-to-end customer experience. And their ability to apply what they know about customers, along with their advantage of knowing internal company processes, translates into more meaningful and effective customer solutions.


  1. Happy employees = happy customers: Happy employees generate better customer experiences. The concept of contagion certainly applies here. Employees’ emotions have a direct impact on their performance, especially those in roles that involve dealing with customers. With a reliable way to voice their opinions and – more importantly – a method for companies to listen and take action based on the feedback, the overall experience is improved for all involved.


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