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Managed IT Solutions to Support Your Entire Infrastructure

Discover the endless benefits of having a team of experts to manage your IT.

Do you dream of having your own in-house IT team? At Comms Unite, our people are your people. We work in partnership with you to secure your network, store and backup your data, and put the right hardware and software in place to support you now and in the future.
Secrets of remote business

Is bad IT holding you back?

Without expert knowledge, how can you ever be sure that your technology isn’t holding you back?

If you lack modern collaborative tools and have to pick a team because they are based locally, rather than finding people with the best skillsets, it’s time for an upgrade. Or perhaps you find that you’re working within the constraints of your IT system rather than doing what’s best for the business? Or are you dealing with a support team that is constantly fighting fires rather than coming up with a forward-thinking plan?

If you recognise any of these issues in your business, it’s time to call Comms Unite.

Up-to-date, up-to-speed and up-to-scratch

Untangle yourself from the complications of running your own IT systems with the help of Comms Unite. We offer a managed IT service to reduce your costs, save resources and give you the confidence that the technology you rely on is up-to-date, up-to-speed and up-to-scratch. Whether it’s Mac and Windows networks or everything you need to keep your business running smoothly remotely, we work in partnership to understand your business and put the best infrastructure in place now and for the years ahead.

Transform the way you work with managed IT services


Which areas do we cover?

Based in Suffolk, we cover areas across the whole of East Anglia, London and nationwide around the UK.

  1. Ipswich and wider Suffolk
  2. Felixstowe
  3. Cambridge
  4. Colchester
  5. Chelmsford
  6. Norwich
  7. London
  8. UK Nationwide

Our team becomes your team, so looking after your IT becomes second nature

Free Consultation

Adding value for a great customer experience

With over 30 years’ experience working with companies across all sectors, we’ll know how essential telecoms and IT solutions can be perfectly integrated into your business. You’ll benefit from the specialist knowledge, insights and expertise you need to keep your business safe and running smoothly. 

You’ll want proactive support from a team of agile, efficient problem-solvers, and impartial advice on the right solutions to meet your specific business needs. We’ll also work to an agreed plan designed to sustain your business growth, at the same time ensuring we remain cost-effective – we won’t spend your budget for the sake of it.

Controlled costs
Only pay for the IT support you need
Independent advice
We’re not tied to any specific products or suppliers
Expert team
In-depth knowledge of the latest IT systems
Platform support
We work with all contemporary operating systems
Secure connections
One of the highest SLA attainment rates in the country
Out of hours support
Can check remotely or be on-site 24/7 for essential repairs

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