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Welcome to our news hub, the place to keep up with the latest developments at Comms Unite and across the IT & telecoms industry.
June 20, 2022By Richard

Guide to Hosted Phone Systems: Everything You Need to Know

What is hosted telephony and how can a hosted telephone system enhance your business? Here’s everything you need to know about hosted phones.

cloud computing
June 13, 2022By Nick

Understanding Cloud-Based Email

Do you run one of the 30% of businesses still not using cloud email? Then find out what cloud email is, who the best providers are and the benefits it brings.

Product news
cyber security
June 6, 2022By Richard

A Simple Guide to New IT Equipment Deployment

Not sure how to deploy new IT equipment? Here’s our guide to the basics, from how to avoid common mistakes to the benefits of outsourcing to an IT support team.

Expert advice
May 19, 2022By Leo

The Big Switch Off 2025 – What It Means For You

What will the Big Switch Off mean for business users, how will it all work and what can businesses do now do to future proof themselves? Read our quick guide.

Industry news
Cloud computing
May 16, 2022By Leo

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about business backup and disaster recovery services, from the different types of backup to the main causes of data loss.

Expert advice
Close up of Comms Unite
May 9, 2022By Richard

A Guide to VoIP – How Does VoIP Work?

What is VoIP, how does it work and how can you find the right VoIP telephone system for your business? Here’s everything you need to know about VoIP.

Expert advice
Staff meeting
May 2, 2022By Nick

What IT Support Do You Need as a Startup?

From hardware and software to cloud computing and networks, this is our look at the different areas that IT support for startups can help you with.

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