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A Simple Guide to New IT Equipment Deployment

June 6, 2022 Richard Expert advice

For tech-heads, unwrapping new IT equipment and deploying systems to your staff is a dream. But for many other business owners, it can easily turn into a nightmare. New IT equipment deployment can be time-consuming, expensive and difficult to manage, and without an in-house team to help, you’ll probably feel like giving up. 

However, sticking with the tech you already have isn’t really an option either. Running outdated systems comes with lots of risks, from reduced productivity to higher costs and data loss, all of which can slow your business growth.   

So what can you do? Our guide to deploying new IT equipment in your business is an excellent starting point. 

Digital Transformation

What do you need to know about tech when running a business?

These days, a few desktop computers and a traditional landline office phone system are not enough for most businesses. Now, IT systems and equipment let you create reports, manage your accounts, communicate with remote workers and connect to the outside world. 

Although you certainly don’t need to be a specialist in all of the IT equipment and tech tools out there, it’s beneficial that you understand the basic systems and solutions you can use, including:

These are the programs you use to perform various business functions. Examples include desktop and mobile operating systems, an office suite such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, email software and accounting and payroll software.
Cloud computing
Rather than installing traditional software on your devices, you can use cloud computing services that you access over the internet. This is a popular alternative for businesses with remote workforces or those that require unlimited and secure data storage.
Creating a network allows you to share files and resources and collaborate on documents with office-based and remote employees. You may need a simple or more complex network depending on your devices and the number of employees you have.
IT Security
Given the ever-present security threat, you must put robust measures in place. That includes designing secure networks, running security software on desktop and mobile devices and creating a reliable backup system.

How to avoid common mistakes with new IT equipment

If you’re not sure how to deploy new IT equipment, you shouldn’t let it hold you back. Most smaller businesses use an outsourced IT support provider that gets to know your business inside out. They can provide advice, anticipate problems, deploy the solutions and act quickly if anything goes wrong.

Conduct an IT audit is a common first step for an IT support provider like Comms Unite. We examine every aspect of your business’s technology to identify areas that need attention. We also look at how long you have been running your systems and whether they’re fast, efficient and secure. We can then supply and deploy the new IT equipment that you need to perform your activities more efficiently and meet your business goals. 


Benefits of using outsourced IT support

Although IT support does come at a cost, it’s often far better than hiring an in-house specialist, or worse still, handling new IT equipment deployment yourself when you’re not completely sure what you’re doing.

The benefits of using outsourced IT support to deploy new IT equipment include:

Buy the right equipment in the first instance
With so many different devices and IT equipment out there, IT support providers can help you find the perfect fit for your business at the right price.
It’s deployed properly
There’s no point investing in new equipment if you only use 50% of its functionality. Outsourced providers can install and integrate your new IT equipment properly and train you to use it to its full potential to maximise the return on your investment.
You can focus on running your business
Having a support provider to manage your IT system on a day-to-day basis frees you up to focus on your business and be more active in the areas where you add the most value.
Only pay for the help you need
Some outsourced IT providers charge a low fixed retainer that covers your basic requirements. You can then add services and tasks, such as installing new software or deploying equipment for a new member of staff, as and when you need to.

Here are a few of the other benefits of using an outsourced IT support team

Our solutions

Want to remove the headache of new IT equipment deployment? Whether it’s new business telephone systems, bespoke software solutions or key IT infrastructure such as servers and networks, we’re here to help. We can also manage your transition to the cloud, with cloud computing services that ensure you have the perfect deployment and service model for your business.    

Get in touch

Give us a call on 01473 599020 or email for help with your new IT equipment deployment or any other part of your IT infrastructure. 

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