Network Switch Solutions

Achieve high availability, reliability and redundancy.

Selecting a network switch that gives you control over each port and supports the throughput your network needs is vital. At Comms Unite, we help you choose the right type of network switch for your specific needs and implement it on your behalf to maintain your mission-critical communications networks.


The challenges of upgrading your network switch

Whether you’re building a network for the first time or want to upgrade what you already have, finding the right network switch is not always straightforward. 

First, you have to consider whether investing in even a basic upgrade is worth it. Then, you have to decide whether an unmanaged, managed or smart switch is the right choice for you. Finally, you have to source the right switch at the best price and integrate it into your network, and without the help of an in-house specialist, all that can be tough.

Professional, reliable and secure switching for your network

At Comms Unite, we have a deep knowledge of switching solutions for local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) and can deliver comprehensive switching architecture that considers every aspect of your IT operations. 

The first step is to talk to our team about your business’s requirements. We can then help you decide which type of network switch will benefit you the most, source it for you at the best possible price and integrate it into your network. The result is a secure, reliable and affordable network that meets your needs today and gives you a clear path to tomorrow. 

Get the right network switch solutions for your business


So in tune with your business that our team becomes your team

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With over 30 years’ experience working with companies across all sectors, we’ll know how essential telecoms and IT solutions can be perfectly integrated into your business. You’ll benefit from the specialist knowledge, insights and expertise you need to keep your business safe and running smoothly. 

You’ll want proactive support from a team of agile, efficient problem-solvers, and impartial advice on the right solutions to meet your specific business needs. We’ll also work to an agreed plan designed to sustain your business growth, at the same time ensuring we remain cost-effective – we won’t spend your budget for the sake of it.

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We serve businesses across the UK, but more commonly within the whole Eastern region – from Cambridge to Felixstowe, Norwich, Ipswich, Colchester, Chelmsford and London. Get in touch to find out how quickly we can get to you.

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