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SharePoint vs. OneDrive – Which Should I Use?

March 9, 2022 Nick Expert advice

Not sure whether Microsoft’s SharePoint or OneDrive is the better fit for your business’s cloud storage needs? With both of these cloud storage options being serviced by one of the biggest names in computing, the SharePoint versus OneDrive discussion really comes down to whether you’re looking for a personal or collaborative storage solution. 

This quick analysis looks at how the two solutions measure up, the advantages of each and the scenarios where one might be a better fit than the other

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What’s great about both SharePoint and OneDrive?

As you’d expect from two Microsoft solutions, there are lots of great things about both SharePoint and OneDrive

Whichever one you use, your data will be stored securely within Microsoft’s vast and dependable data centres where it’ll benefit from Microsoft security features that keep your data safe at all times. 

You’ll also be able to access your data from anywhere on both solutions, as long as you have an internet connection. Both of these cloud storage solutions also have easy to use interfaces and are compatible with Microsoft 365 and Teams. They’re also both flexible, allowing you to scale up your storage requirements as your business grows

What do you want to use cloud storage for?

So, when it comes to the OneDrive versus SharePoint debate, we know they’re both very solid behind the scenes. The real difference is how they’re used. 

OneDrive is essentially an online folder system for file storage, making it well suited to storing your photos and files for personal use. On the other hand, SharePoint includes enterprise-level features such as CMS and dashboards that make it a better fit for collaboration.

Personal storage: use OneDrive
You should see OneDrive as your personal storage solution where you can put documents and files that other people in your business do not need to see. For example, if you’re working on a document that you’re not ready to share or includes sensitive HR information, store it in your OneDrive. Although it’s private, you will be able to share it with select people as and when you wish. Until then, the OneDrive acts as your own hard drive but in the cloud.
Shared storage: use SharePoint
If you’re looking for a collaborative cloud storage solution that allows a group of workers to access and edit the same document, SharePoint is a good fit. You can store, manage and distribute files to users with different access levels and permissions, and it’s also where everything on Microsoft Teams is stored, making it a great all-around collaboration tool.  SharePoint can also be used to create an intranet of internal web pages, such as training pages or HR resources, that only those inside your organisation can access. The opportunities to scale these features make SharePoint a formidable tool.

What do you get for your subscription?

OneDrive and SharePoint are both included in all versions of Microsoft 365 for Business and Enterprise, along with a host of other applications and services. Microsoft 365 Business Basic is the cheapest package at £3.80 per user/per month, and that includes both OneDrive and SharePoint. 

Take a look at the different plans and features for OneDrive and SharePoint

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Cloud storage pros and cons

Cloud storage, which both OneDrive and SharePoint provide, is a convenient and efficient way to store, manage and access data online.

The benefits include:

  • Access from anywhere – Data on both OneDrive and SharePoint can be accessed by the user from almost anywhere with an internet connection using any device.
  • Team collaboration – You can share files effortlessly with multiple users so they can access the data and make changes.
  • Cheaper than physical drivers – Cloud storage is cheaper than buying additional storage hardware. 
  • Backup and recovery – You can create cloud backups of data that’s held on local storage or physical drives.
  • Security – Enterprise-grade security helps to protect your data from physical theft and cyber attacks.
  • Scalability – You can add or remove storage space very easily to match your business’s changing needs. 

However, there are also a couple of things to bear in mind. 

  • Reliance on an internet connection – You can only access files that are stored in the cloud when you have an internet connection. 
  • Possible data privacy breaches – Your data is no longer in your physical possession, so you are reliant on the provider to keep your data secure.  

What’s best for you?

Whether you choose OneDrive, SharePoint or both, the right decision depends on your individual needs and the requirements of your business. For many businesses, a combination of the two works well, and even if you think you could get away with one or the other now, it’s worth thinking about what your business will look like in three to five years. If you’re not sure what the best approach is, we’re always happy to discuss your priorities and options with you.


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