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Resound Sound is a media company based near Woodbridge, Suffolk that provides sound post-production services for films and TV programmes. The company, owned by Chris Roberts, boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry. Chris was looking for a local company that could support a smaller business with large tech needs. Comms Unite were the best option for them and started working with us in 2018.
“I always receive a fantastic service from the team at Comms Unite. Sarah is a great point of contact for me, she is always ready to help and comes back to me quickly.”
Chris Roberts – Owner, Resound Sound

What challenges did Resound Sound have?

The business work closely with larger post-production facilities producing content for the major broadcasters and streaming platforms. This means that they require a high level of security and the ability to transfer large amounts of data between their studio and their clients.

What Services Did Comms Unite Provide and What Benefits Did Resound Sound Experience?

  1. Connectivity
  2. Microsoft License Management
  3. Mobile Phone System

Since working with Comms Unite, Resound Sound have seen a massive improvement in their ability to share large amounts of data with their clients and collaborators.

The move that the team made to Microsoft and Cloud Storage has saved in excess of £800 per year for Chris. An incredible saving for the business.

The work that Chris and his team do is heavily reliant on having a powerful broadband and internet connection. The service that Comms Unite provide is pivotal in ensuring Chris can successfully run his business. The increased connectivity that Resound Sound now has in their head office means that uploads and downloads can now occur in half the time they did before working with Comms Unite.

The reliability and large bandwidth give me confidence when I am involved in remote recording sessions, streaming live sound and often video too, where the actor could be in London and the director and editor in different locations in Los Angeles.” 

Resound Sound has received a consistently good level of service and innovation from the Technical and Customer Support teams; if they face any challenges, the team are always quick to respond. Chris is now looking at the next steps in his journey with Comms Unite, increasing his connectivity options to help his business run effectively well into the future.



“My day to day business needs are always met by the team and I feel valued as a small business, Sarah and Nick and the team are always willing to listen to what I need and everything is well explained.”
Chris Roberts – Owner, Resound Sound

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