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Giving you more support and added expertise with 3 new team members!

March 21, 2021 Rebecca Company news

At the start of 2021, with more and more people coming to us for help with their IT and telecoms systems, we knew we had to increase our capacity in order to maintain our quality of service and meet demand.

Rising to the challenge, we set about recruiting three new experienced team members to expand our knowledge base and ensure we continue delivering for all our customers.

Whatever your needs for expanding your business, ideas for improving your systems or technical gremlins, you can still relax knowing that your IT and comms are in good hands. Meet the three new experts who started in February, each of whom bring a strong set of skills to the table.



Becky Eliasu

Becky joins us as a highly experienced sales and customer service specialist with over 13 years’ experience in sales management, customer services, team management and leadership as well as relationship management – both internally and externally. 

Highly focused, with an acute understanding of customer needs, Becky will happily take the time to get to the root of your challenges, draw up a plan of action and bring in precisely the right specialist engineers to get your systems exactly as they should be. She’s a problem-solver by nature, with a talent for seeing the ‘big picture’ and anticipating the end-to-end business impacts of any given solution.

A track record of success
Becky has a history of developing long-lasting business relationships with clients, based on a foundation of trust, collaboration and outstanding administration. Working previously as a client partner, keeping close contact with customers at every stage of the process, she knows how to implement solutions in everything from modest offices to complex organisational structures. Her strong background in business development means she understands budgetary impacts and how to turn an investment in IT and telecoms into an improved turnover. Her insights into effective financial management, and how it helps to achieve the revenue, profit and cash targets needed to keep a company healthy, mean your interests will be protected every step of the way.
High standards at every step
Outside of the office, Becky values every moment with her family and loves dreaming of trips abroad to warmer climes! However, she’s still a keen learner, always looking at ways to enhance her existing skills and knowledge to the benefit of everyone she works with. She adds value, exceeds expectations and consistently over-delivers to guarantee a superior level of customer service and satisfaction. You’ll be glad she’s on your side whenever you get in touch.

Ryan McNamee

Ryan came to Comms Unite enthusiastic about getting back into a first line support role. Engineering is his first love, so he was hungry for a change from the purely provisioning role he was delivering before and to get more involved in actually making a difference to clients.

Variety is the spice of life, and Ryan was drawn to Comms Unite because of the chance to work with a broad selection of clients, which makes a pleasant change from his previous role in a purely hospitality company. With the majority of our customers also being local, he’s looking forward to the potential opportunities to see new places and meet new people on site visits, if needed.

Bringing a range of skills to the table
Ryan’s previous track record in the hospitality sector involved providing comprehensive phone systems and network services support. He’s also gained a deep understanding of how to implement new network services for customers and manage the process with suppliers such as Openreach, working with fibre leased lines and copper services as well as SIP. His priority is to apply all the skills he’s learnt previously and apply them here to full effect. Ryan’s first impressions of Comms Unite focus on our sense of teamwork and all pulling together for the benefit of our clients. He’s found us all to be a really friendly bunch, which helps immensely with good communication across the company and without a doubt leads to smoother processes and better results. Ryan’s goal is to work as hard as he can and do his best for our customers as a valued part of the Comms Unite team.
Passion, precision and variety
Outside of office, like most people, Ryan enjoys spending time with his friends, but he also has another passion: snooker. He loves to hit the green baize and exercise his sense of precision and planning around the table as well as in the office.  Always keen to improve his skills, Ryan aims to carry on expanding his knowledge in the field, learning as much as he can about our business and our customers as he continues to provide solutions and deliver excellent support. He enjoys the variety of challenges that Comms Unite tackle – from IT to hosted PBXs and provisioning – and the variety of our clients. We look forward to seeing the results! 

Adam Cook

Adam joins us as another experienced first line support engineer after checking us out thoroughly via our website. Like Ryan, he was looking for a new challenge that offered a lot of variety in terms of the tasks involved and the clients we work with, and so far neither he nor our customers have been disappointed!

With Adam, it’s all about curiosity, relationships and the willingness to get involved. The sense of connection was palpable during interviews, where it seemed he was as genuinely interested in us as we were in him! Adam relishes the opportunity to get involved personally at onsite projects and hopes to build relationships with clients through providing a high level of support for everything from simple queries to major issues.

Teamwork, growth and collaboration
Adam came with a few years’ previous experience as a first line support technician under his belt and an eagerness to continue to grow. So far on his journey with us, he’s enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly, helpful colleagues around the office. The sense of teamwork and collaboration around our delivery makes for a stress-free, professional environment that also breeds strong, productive relationships with customers.  Adam also liked how Comms Unite are not sitting still as a company and was excited to join an ambitious team that sets high standards and bold targets. We’re on a journey ourselves, and glad Adam is along for the ride.
No shortage of ambition
Outside of office, Adam thrives on all things sports, enjoying both watching and playing football, cricket and golf. Whichever he goes for on any given weekend will depend on the time of year and the weather, but when it comes to the coverage any screen near a pint will do!  Always striving to improve so that clients can get a better service and expand their businesses, Adam is looking forward to picking up new skills – telephone support, internet provisioning and setup, and conducting on site visits – and increasing his IT knowledge from 1st line to 2nd line level. We’re confident he’ll achieve all the above!

Are you happy with your current IT and comms service? 

Any time you want to chat about possible improvements to your current set-up and discover new solutions that could work for your business, give us a call on 01473 599020 or email

We’re here to get it done, and won’t stop until everyone’s happy. 

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